Baby monitor industry development

Baby monitor also called baby listeners, baby monitoring device. English called (baby hand). Its main utilized for home and baby monitor and nursing care. The European and American market commonly used, there have been a 30 year old Baby hand is to use modern radio technology application in domestic and Baby Monitor and nursing a good helper.

Baby monitor is introduced

Take care of the baby don't need in the traditional way, just walking around in babies look beside put a surveillance launcher, and monitor receiver can put in mom's room or carry, in dozens of meters to hundreds of meters within the effective distance, mom can safely to the garden, downstairs in the kitchen cooking, when the upstairs baby crying or noise, mom would be detected. Baby listeners is not only the best daily life is infant care products, also care for the elderly and patients must good helper.

Baby monitor industry development

In infants listeners industry history, 2.4 G digital baby listeners and 40/49M baby listeners occupy main parts. Since the nineteen eighties, 40/49MHz baby listeners production industry by ten basic MHz crystal oscillation frequency by 3 times again the way to get working frequency and the advantages of this scheme is simple, the cost is low and the technology, but three times in frequency cause circuit are filled with many don't need multiple harmonics and base wave. In order to filter out the don't need frequency, usually adopt the way in weeks to tune the frequency of selected. So production debug complex, defective rate is high, and a worker for frequency need a crystal, for much channel choice of listeners, need multiple crystals, increase production cost and complexity of the tune in weeks. With the rapid economic development, electronic products fast-changing renewal, the fierce competition in the industry, the product cost control has become an important threshold of consumer electronics. At present foreign baby listeners industry development mature, and used more extensive, famous brand such as Angelcare. 40/49M baby listeners than 2.4 G digital baby listeners, its huge cost advantage in the baby listeners market always occupy a large scale share, but since most chip design the product of the company is targeting rf market, so can be applied to 40-49MHz baby products on the listeners MCD2006S chip, this technology is not only in the domestic and international situation is similar. At present domestic better solution is to use PLL chip technology, famous brands such as beauty core. Use this technology is the result of simplifying the infant listeners production debugging, increasing the production yield, curing 40/49MHz baby listeners common fixed-frequency ROM, and RF power amplifier, and other functions.

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