Baby Monitors are used by millions of families every year to help watch over their newborns and older babies. As technology has come into the field the baby monitors have gotten a bit fancier and actually do more – from sensing movement, sound and even with visual monitors for watching over your newborn baby. Here are some of the monitors that I find to be very useful.

The Angelcare baby monitor not only allows you to listen for your baby but also monitors your baby's movements via a sensor pad placed under your baby. This can alert you to a no movement felt if baby were to stop breathing. This unit acts as a sound monitor up to 200 feet with 2 channels to prevent interference. The receivers have adjustable volume control and uses sound lights to show baby's sound with volume turned off, or if the battery is low. Battery backup is used

for the receivers.

1. Clear Monitor

The Graco Ultra Clear Monitor offers two receivers that are lightweight. It has a 400 foot range and two channels to minimize interference. It runs on two 9 volt batteries. It's reasonably priced for average use.

2. Crisp and Clear Monitor

This monitor has a rechargeable receiver. It uses the latest 900 MHz technology for clear reception. The receiver also will clip on your belt for mobility to about 400 feet.

3. Graco Family Listen N Talk Monitor

This monitor offers walkie-talkie features that allow you to listen and talk from each of the two receivers. It has the 900 MHz technology as well as an auto-channel selection feature. The receivers are AC powered or work on 9 volt batteries. This baby monitor also offers volume control.

4. Fisher-Price Calming Vibrations Monitor

This Fisher-Price Monitor offers crystal clear reception with two channels to minimize interference from other machines. With a remote control you can listen & respond to your baby with calming vibrations & soothing sounds via a crib attachment. This baby monitor operates on 49 MHz technology.

CBS 12 first found out about this when two moms who are neighbors started seeing each other's child in their monitors. We then hit the streets to see if we could pick up the signal inside local homes, and it was startling how easy it is.

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